TOLEDO, Ohio — Last week,  the Washington Local Schools Board of Education voted to hire Kadee Anstadt for the Superintendent position, a position that was only vacant for about a week and a half. 

"She reached out to us when she found the position was available. We interviewed her. Many of us talked to her individually and we came and voted on it this last Friday and came to a consensus she would be the best fit to lead our district," said Board of Education President Mark Hughes.

The school board said Anstadt was vetted in 2016 and was runner-up for the job that ultimately went to Susan Hayward. Now, the Board of Education has parted ways with her. 

Because of a separation agreement, board members can't fully discuss her departure, but the board president said there is an investigation. 

Thomas Istrup was the only board member to vote against accepting her resignation.

"Her departure is not something that I'm happy about, nor do I relish the way it happened," he said at a board meeting on Aug. 14

Ilstrup further explained there was an ethics question over Hayward's acceptance of an adjunct job with OSU and that he doesn't believe she intentionally violated any policies. 

"The allegations made against Dr. Hayward, while potentially concerning, were not of such character so as to warrant what I perceived to have been a witch hunt," Ilstrup said at the meeting.

Board members said they're putting this behind them and are looking forward to a levy campaign and a new year, which starts Wednesday. 

"For the first time in five or six years I feel this district is finally going to heal and is finally on the right track," said Board of Education Vice President, Lisa Canales-Smith.


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